Release date: 31st March 2017

Presented in glorious, luxury large format (356x248mm portrait), Mr Rotten’s Songbook combines never before seen artwork, handwritten and annotated lyric sheets and features every song that John has ever written.


So the story begins

To celebrate 40 years of songwriting across both the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd (PiL) eras, John Lydon is delighted to announce the personal and truly exclusive publication of Mr Rotten’s Songbook, limited to just 1000 copies and available for pre-order now.

About the book

  • 300 pages in length, the book follows the immense success of ‘Mr Rotten’s Scrapbook’
  • Each book is hand signed by the man himself and individually numbered 1-1000
  • Quarter bound, with unique front and backboards and housed in a beautiful clamshell box
  • Every one of John’s albums features a personal blurb, giving never before seen insight in to meaning behind the words

The Finer Details

  • The book features original cover and hand drawn artwork from John to beautifully bind the lyrics to their meaning
  • Every one of the book's three hundred, handcrafted pages reflect John working night and day over the past six months to put forty years of songwriting in to the hands of his fans
  • Each numbered page of the publication features original illustrations from John's mind, positioning this truly exclusive book as a magnificent piece of art that will continue to grow in value
  • The book features a gilded edge effect on each page to give it a truly unique finish

A message from John


  • A guaranteed low numbered copy of Mr Rotten’s Songbook from 1-300
  • A numbered certificate hand signed by John Lydon
  • A personalised, hand written thank you message from John on the middle spread
  • The chance to win a 5 minute Skype call with John Lydon himself, with 50 of the first 300 books containing a golden ticket
  • Exclusive access to the pre-sale of tickets for the book’s launch party before anyone else


  • A numbered copy of Mr Rotten's Songbook, hand signed by John Lydon
  • A stunning, hot foil pressed gold certificate featuring your book number
  • The exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets for the book's launch party, available to book purchasers only.
  • The Premium edition of the book sold out in record time, don't miss out on your copy of Mr Rotten's Songbook!